Fun Things To Do In and Around Beech Mountain NC

Annual Hog Roasting - 4th of July Week - Every year The Town of Beech Mountain, the Beech Mountain Volunteer Fire Department and the Beech Mountain Chamber of Commerce host the "Roasting of the Hog." A tradition started 47 years ago, blending of various seasonings and charcoal have created, what the people of Beech Mountain call, the best barbeque in the High Country. In addition to the great food, there is live music and fireworks after the sun goes down. If you are joining us for this year’s celebration, click to book Beech Mountain Lodging. The Recreation Center staff sets up and hosts a flood of kids activities and the Center itself will be open to the public during the festival. If you're looking to spend your Independence Day weekend in the High Country, what better way than with good food, great music, close friends and a brilliant fireworks display?

Autumn at Oz Festival (Fall) - There's no place like home. There's no place like home. This iconic phrase takes audiences back generations to days long past, but if you're visiting Beech Mountain it doesn't have to stay there. Every year in the fall the magic comes back to life when patrons visit the Wizard of Oz Beech Mountain. A dream made real by Jack Pentes, he had hoped to create a world of fun for families. When Oz first opened it exceeded expectations, filled with local talent and craftsmen, the opportunities for the area seemed endless. Unfortunately, ten years passed before a series of events caused the gates of Oz to close. It may have ceased to exist, but it certainly was not forgotten. Another decade passed before a project known as Emerald Mountain development was created with the intent of building homesites with respect to The Land of Oz. Since their inception, Oz has been transformed from a defaced remembrance to a positive reflection of long ago. Each summer a little piece of Oz is restored and with it the hope of travelling down the yellow brick road once more. Each year the private park is reopened for their Autumn at Oz party and everyone is invited back to see Dorothy and her friends. Guided tours of Auntie Em and Uncle Henry's farm are available with live music, cloggers and a small petting zoo.

Beech Mountain Club - Visit the Beech Mountain Club atop Beech Mountain, North Carolina. Built as the Highest Golf Course in the Eastern US, the course at Beech Mountain Club is the best course sitting at 5,506 feet above sea level. In addition to the golf course, the club has tennis, swimming and a day camp for children from mid-June until mid-August. Beech Mountain Restaurants The Pinnacle Inn Beech Mountain is the highest resort community in the eastern United States sitting at an elevation of 5506 feet.

Beech Mountain NC Restaurants -

  • Alpen Restaurant. 700 Beech Mountain Parkway Beech Mountain, NC 28604. 828.387.2252. 
  • Beech Mountain Club. Members and Guests Only.  103 Lakeledge Road Beech Mountain, NC 28604. 828.387.4208 
  • Beech Tree Bar & Grille At Ski Beech Resort. 828.387.2011 
  • Bullwinkels
  • Brick Oven Pizzeria & Pasta. 402 Beech Mountain Parkway Beech Mountain, NC 28604. 828.387.4209 
  • Fred's Backside Deli. 501 Beech Mountain Parkway Beech Mountain, NC 28604. 828.387.9331 
  • Jackalope's View. 2489 South Beech Mountain Parkway Beech Mountain, NC 28604. 828.898.9004 
  • Famous Fast Eddie's 1005 Beech Mountain Parkway Beech Mountain, NC 28604 
  • Mile High Tavern  
  • Vaserely's. 502 Beech Mountain Parkway Beech Mountain, NC 28604. 828.387.4900 

When you travel up the way to Beech Mountain, the world slows down and refreshes itself when you're sitting on top of the world at 5,506 feet above sea level. You can ask anyone, who wasn't born here, the question of why they purchased Beech Mountain Real Estate and it'll always be the same answer. They came to the mountains and fell in love. The summers are glowing, the autumn is brilliant, the winters are filled with snow and the spring starts the cycle all over again. 

Not only do you get to own a great Real Estate Beech Mountain property in the Blue Ridge mountains, but you have access to some great resort locations.

Beech Mountain Resort - Boasting the highest resort community in the eastern United States in terms of elevation, there are spectacular activities available throughout the year. During the summer months there is tennis, miniature golf, shuffleboard and  playgrounds. For those fascinated by the ever growing enthusiasm for mountain biking, Beech Mountain a great place to stay while watching the USA Cycling Mountain Bike Gravity National Championships. Beech Mountain Resort has been named the host for this event and is the first resort in the south to have been named. Because of this honor, Brevard native Christopher Herndon will be designing the course and will oversee it's construction. The lasting effect of the construction of this course will provide the community of Beech Mountain with a downhill mountain bike destination for years to come. The mountains in this area have always been sought after for the challenge and beauty. Now, with the creation of specific downhill trails, the area is now more sought after than ever. 

If you’ve never tried Beech Mountain Snow Skiing or snowboarding, you may be interested in getting a lesson. Many families like to take a one or a handful of lessons before setting out on their own. The ski and snowboarding instructors at Ski Beech Mountain NC are all members of the Professional Ski Instructors of America Association and receive regular training and skills tests based on the American Teaching System. Having confidence in yourself and your ability is one of the biggest parts of learning any activity. First time skiers and snowboarders will learn to feel confident and the first part of any lesson is learning how to stay balanced while doing your first few glides along the bunny terrain. Each lesson builds upon the last and adds new skills that you can practice. The fundamentals are easily taught in one to three lessons. The Snow Sports Learning Center at Beech Mountain Ski Resort has a ski instructor or lesson that is perfect for your skill level and ability.

Beech Mountain Sledding Hill Winter weather at Beech Mountain Club. Nowhere else will you find a sledding hill that is pretty much free for the little ones and has one of the best and safest sledding slopes around. Children 12 and under can visit the Beech Mtn Sledding Hill and pay nothing for a day of fun. The Beech Mountain Sledding Hill is located right next to the Town of Beech Mountain offices and the Chamber of Commerce. This sledding hill is special. We do not wait for the natural snowfall to fall on Beech Mountain North Carolina; the Beech Mountain Sledding Hill is equipped with its very own snowmaking machines! Beech Mountain NC receives anywhere from 120 to 140 inches of natural snowfall each year on average so there is plenty of the natural stuff as well! The Beech Mtn Sledding Hill is usually open from November through the middle of March, depending on weather conditions. It is best to call the Beech Mountain Chamber if you are questioning whether or not the hill will be open, 1-800-468-5506. Completely safe and very affordable for small ones, the Beech Sledding Hill does have a few rules. To avoid folks getting hurt, visitors are asked to only bring plastic sleds to sled on. You can also purchase sleds from the mountain. Parents are asked to please supervise their own children. Park is available across the street next to the Brick Oven Pizzeria. 

Beech Mountain Area Attractions 

Grandfather Mtn - Grandfather Mountain towers above the other mountain peaks in the mountains that span through the High Country and Beech Mountain North Carolina. Grandfather Mountain North Carolina is probably the best known attraction out of all of the Western NC Tourist Attractions near Beech Mountain. The Blue Ridge Parkway passes around the south side of the mountain, yet it is easily accessible via Linville’s Highway 221. Towering to nearly 6,000 feet above sea level, visitors to Grandfather Mountain have the rare chance to see panoramas that span over a handful of southeastern states. The mountain spans through three counties, and received its name due to the rocky shape of the mountain resembling an old man lying down. There are various points on the mountain that folks see the profile of an older man, not just the widely known view from Highway 105 in the Foscoe community. Designated an International Biosphere Preserve for its diverse plant and animal ecosystems, Grandfather Mountain is also the place where two important rivers, the Linville River and the Watauga River, originate. There is plenty to do at the attraction part of the mountain. There are numerous Hiking NC trails for folks to enjoy, the most popular and widely known being The Grandfather Profile Trail. This trail leads hikers up the profile of the mountain. Most folks take a bit of coaxing but inevitably give in and take a quick walk over the Mile-High Swinging Bridge. The bridge, which is suspended by cables and connects two mountain peaks, barely swings as you walk across. The 100 mile views seen from this location are amazing! You definitely want to take the plunge and walk over it if you get the chance. In addition to the Mile High Swinging Bridge, Grandfather Mountain North Carolina also has protected animal sanctuaries where visitors can watch animals native to the mountain such as bald Eagles, otters, bears, and deer. There is also a nice museum that showcases Native American artifacts as well as educating folks about the history of Grandfather Mountain and the legacy that the mountain’s original owner and his family left.

Lees McRae Summer Theatre - If you're interested in catching some live performances, you should visit Lees-McRae Summer Theatre an amazing North Carolina College Theatre in the high country. With humble beginnings in 1985, Lees-McRae now has almost 100 paid performers and attendance tops 6,000 each summer. With two stages of production, Hummingbird and Spotlight Theatre, there is a venue for every taste while enjoying the live performances at Lees-McRae Summer Theatre. 

Linville Caverns NC - No trip to Beech Mountain North Carolina and the High Country should be without a stop by one of the most famous Western NC Tourist Attractions, The Linville Caverns. Linville Caverns NC is just a short distance from Beech Mountain Buchanan Real Estate. They are the state’s only “show” caverns, and offer a rare glimpse into what it is like to venture, literally inside of a mountain. Explore the subterranean world and check out the Stalactites and Stalagmites as experienced guides take you room by room in the caverns. Interested in Linville Caverns Facts? Want to find out How Deep the Bottomless Pools at the Linville Caverns are? Tours of Linville Caverns NC depart approximately every thirty minutes. Wear comfortable walking shoes and if you are prone to being chilly, you may want to bring along a sweater as the caverns remain a constant temperature of about 60 degrees even during the hottest days of summer.

Moses Cone Manor & Julian Price Park - Two enchanting parks can be found at the base of Grandfather Mountain, on a lovely side of the Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing Rock. Moses Cone Memorial Park features a picturesque 13,000 square foot manor, Flat Top Manor, built in the Colonial Revival style, circa 1901. The Parkway Craft Center is housed inside the historic 20-room home. Set amongst 3,500 acres which feature ponds, lakes, carriage trails (which are still used), and some gorgeous fields and forests, Moses Cone Park is a place that folks often go horseback riding in Western North Carolina. The Crafsmen’s Trail is a nice looped, hiking trail that offers plenty of scenery. Moses. H. Cone was a noted American businessman that made his wealth in textiles at the turn of the 20th century. At one time, he was the leading manufacturer of denim. Julian Price Memorial Park is adjacent to the Moses Cone Memorial Park and trails. It comprises more than 4,300 acre and features a small lake in which folks fish, hiking, canoe and walk around, along with a 300 seat amphitheatre. The park’s trails are a prominent feature and the Price Lake Loop Trail is often used for scenic walks. One trail the Tanawha Trail (13.5 miles) passes just under the Linn Cove Viaduct near the Grandfather Mountain. Julian Price was a renowned executive who purchased land near the parkway in the 1930’s and 1940’s, which he later donated. Beech Mountain North Carolina, elevation 5,506 feet, is just a short drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway from these beautiful and enchanting parks.

Tweetsie Railroad NC - Tweetsie Railroad North Carolina is located right off of Highway 321 in Blowing Rock. An easy, relaxing drive away from the Beech Mountain Resort at Pinnacle Inn, Tweetsie Railroad offers fun for the entire family at an affordable price. If you are planning a quick, family trip to the High Country, check out the Beech Mountain NC Summer Rentals at Pinnacle Inn Resort. If you are thinking of heading over to Tweetsie; read on to find out more. The only Wild West themed amusement park in the High Country, Tweetsie Railroad North Carolina has been entertaining kids of all ages and sizes since 1957. Bring along your loved ones with you and plan to take plenty of pictures. You do not want to miss the wild ride along a gorgeous spot in the Blue Ridge Mountains on the historic, No. 12 locomotive steam engine. “No. 12” is the name given to the only surviving narrow gauge engine that traveled along the Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad (ET&WNC). The engine is the prominent feature of the park, and Ridin’ the Tweetsie Railroad is a highlight of any trip to the park. Also, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places; however, the engine is the not the only thing worth checking out at this special spot. Children and adults both love exploring the park which features amusement rides such as the Tweetsie Twister ride, Carousel, Round Up, Drop Tower, Ferris Wheel, Tilt-A-whirl, and chairlift. There are other smaller rides for little ones as well. In addition to the rides, there are tons of great shows daily including the dinner theatre show which features the Tweetsie Railroad can-can girls. In addition to Tweetsie Railroad, the Village of Blowing Rock is home to numerous Blowing Rock Attractions and other noted Western NC Tourist Attractions.

Valle Crucis - Valle Crucis North Carolina is an idyllic little community located right off of Hwy 105 along Broadstone Road where the streams of Laurel Creek flow into the Watauga River. Valle Crucis is actually the meeting point of three rivers which form a near perfect cross. Seeing the natural representation of their spirituality, many of the first early Episcopal settlers (who were Episcopal missionaries) called the area the Valle Crucis, latin for “Vale of the Cross”. Today, the historic homes and community buildings serve as “must visits” for many vacationers that stay in our Beech Mountain Rentals. The original Mast General Store was built in Valle Crucis and operated from 1842 and continues to operate today. The Candy Barrel, which carries old candies and antiques, is a must stop for any kid traveling through the stops and attractions along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Valle Crucis Community Park is one of the best public parks in the area; each Friday night, in season, there is music played in the park, and fishing, hiking, and walking are all popular activities that locals enjoy at the park. There are two ways to get to Valle Crucis NC from Beech Mountain. You can take Hwy 194, which is an extremely curvy mountain road, from Banner Elk to Broadstone Road in Valle Crucis, or you can turn left off of Highway 105. Be sure to visit the special stops found in Valle Crucis such as Craborchard Falls, the Valle Crucis Conference Center, the Watauga River, the Apple Barn which hosts regular dances, and the numerous historic churches and sites in the area. Valle Crucis was once home to the only monastic order within the Episcopal Church, in the United States and as such there are a handful of centuries old Episcopal churches still standing.

Western NC Waterfalls - There simply is nowhere else in the southeastern United States that you can visit and see such beautiful sights and sounds. Beech Mountain North Carolina is known as the highest resort community in eastern America and as you can imagine, there are many fantastic outdoor things to do while vacationing here. One popular activity in the warmer months is exploring the hiking trails and areas that lead to some spectacular Western NC Waterfalls. Here are a few of our favorites. Many of these are Waterfalls that You Can Swim By in NC. All are just a short distance from Beech Mountain.

  • Linville Falls The Linville Falls are perhaps the most famous of the Western NC Waterfalls and they can be found right off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can park at the Linville Falls Visitor Center and make the easy trek up to see various portions of the falls. The scenery here is quite spectacular. The Linville Falls are the largest waterfall on the Blue Ridge Parkway in regards to its volume size of water.
  • Elk Falls Elk Falls are located right off of Elk River Road in Newland, just a short drive from the Beech Mountain Lodging at Pinnacle Inn. The Elk River drops some 85 feet and its waters plummet into a huge bowl of water creating a nice swimming spot and a gorgeous waterfall.
  • Glen Burney Falls After spending a few moments strolling the streets of Downtown Blowing Rock you can escape to the Glen Burney Trail which leads to a nice wide waterfall that opens flows down three streams. Two hiking trails lead various ways and you can make a round trip of it or turn back around. The scenery throughout is quite breathtaking.
  • Crabtree Falls The Crabtree Falls are one of the most photographed waterfalls out of all of the Western NC Waterfalls. Located at Milepost 339.5 on the Blue Ridge Parkway North Carolina, Crabtree Falls Waterfalls in NC are located about 24 miles south of the Linville Falls, but they are worth the short drive to see. The hiking trail loops around the falls and can be quite strenuous in certain areas.
  • Boone Fork Falls These short 25 foot falls are located in Blowing Rock at Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost 296.4 right at the Julian Price Park Picnic Area. The waters rush over enormous sized boulders and into a nice pool. Hebron Colony Falls The waters near Hebron Colony, located off of Old Turnpike Road near the Foscoe community form a zig zag pattern as they fall and roll through various huge rocks. The scenery is really nice and this spot has become a popular spot for locals to beat the heat.
  • Craborchard Falls The Craborchard Falls are located on the property of the Valle Crucis Conference Center off of Hwy 194. You can park in the gravel lot that is marked for waterfall visitors. Hike up behind the building and follow along the trail. You will see several steps along the way. This area is open to visitors, however please be kind to our neighbors and keep in mind that you are venturing onto private property. In addition to Hiking in NC and other fun activities like NC Mountain Horseback Riding, White Water Rafting in NC, and Mountain Biking Beech Mountain, you will find plenty of entertainment around Beech Mountain NC.

Ziplines NC

Imagine gliding over a 2000 foot line that is suspended 50 feet in the air only by a cable! You’ll get up to speeds of 50 mph. That’s exactly what the newest adventure attraction is in Western North Carolina. Ziplines NC are the biggest hit with groups and families and visiting one of the numerous courses in the area proves to be an exhilarating ride. Ziplines NC are quite safe. Each guide company takes special care to ensure the safety of riders. Before each experience, riders are given in depth directions on what to do and how to maintain that highest levels of safety while on the canopy tour. 

  • Hawsknest Ziplines, located atop Seven Devils, are Ziplines NC that you can zip down year around. Known for being the largest zipline course on the East Coast, Hawsknest has numerous zip lines that groups fly down.
  • Scream Time Zipline - Over in Vilas, Scream Time Zipline also offers canopy tours on a zipline that is more than 2,000 feet long!
  • Plumtree Canopy Tours - A bit further away in Plumtree, along the Toe River, Plumtree Canopy Tours offers a three hour zipline experience! Be sure to try out the Ziplines NC when you are on your trip to Beech Mountain North Carolina.