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Before you buy a home,whether it will be your full-time residence, a place to retire, or a home where family and friends may gather for fun filled vacations you may need to do a little daydreaming about what life will be like.   Do you see yourself relaxing by the pool, sitting by a fire reading a good book, or maybe a leisurely hike with your pet by your side and then enjoying s’mores by a roaring fire; or are you an adventurer, ready for skiing, snowboarding, ziplining across the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains? But what about your everyday living? How is the commuting experience? What sounds will you be falling asleep to at night? Can you picture yourself hosting Thanksgiving dinner in that size dining room? Is there enough space for guest and family, but not so much that you spend all your time cleaning repairing your new home?  All these are questions you need to ask yourself when looking for your dream home.

Get Your Finances In Order 

When you are considering buying a home, you may be thinking “location, location, location” or “granite countertops"; but before you begin the process of "shopping"with your real estate agent for that new home you should work on getting yourself ready financially.  Begin your home buying process by checking your credit report and credit score so that you start off on a solid financial foundation.  The next step is to become pre-qualified, which is a good indication of what your creditworthiness is your ability to borrow.  This should give you an idea of what price range you and your Realtor should stay within when looking at properties.  Next you want to get pre-approved by a lender for a specific amount and then make sure that the property that you wish to acquire are within the conditions set forth by the mortgage lender.  Please remember that the pre-approval is not a guarantee.


 Have Your Family Make A Needs & Wants List

When you are out there trying to find a house that is perfect for you and your family, it’s a good idea to prepare a list of all your needs and wants. Yes, an open mind is helpful when shopping for a house, but you don’t need to compromise on the things you truly care about. Prioritize your top 5 “must-have” qualities in a home, your top 5 “like to have” qualities, and the top 5 “ don’t want” qualities, and take the list with you when you go house shopping. You will be able to quickly eliminate homes that don’t fit your needs and wants, and also be able to spot the homes that deserve some greater attention.  Please be realistic, you may have to give up something or increase your budget to get" EVERYTHING" on your lists.

Make a Moving Checklist

You’ve found the perfect house, now it’s time to move in and make it Your Dream Home. Make the process as stress-free and organized as possible by starting early and keeping close tabs on the details. A simple search online for “moving checklist” will arm you with all the information you’ll need, and even advice on how to pack efficiently. 




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